Compare the Top Gold IRA Companies in 2022

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Should You Invest in Gold?

Gold IRA Companies Reviews

You should invest at least a portion of your wealth in precious metals to avoid losses in case of an economic crash. Precious metals such as gold and silver are a great form of insurance against future economic uncertainties.

Unlike stocks and bonds, precious metals are fairly stable, and can retain their value even as the value of the dollar diminishes.

How to Invest In Precious Metals IRA

To start converting your 401k or IRA to gold or silver IRA, you need to find a reputable precious metals IRA dealer that will see to it that the whole process is executed as seamlessly as possible. In our reviews of the best Gold IRA Companies, we’ve listed the top Gold IRA companies in the US to make the process easier for you.

Now, you need to ensure that the company you choose has the following 4 qualities:

  • Offers Quality Products

The quality of precious metals on offer must be world-class and meet the IRS standards i.e. qualify for Gold IRA investment.

  • Provides Secure Storage

Security cannot be overlooked when it comes to gold or silver IRA investment and your company should offer a segregated, secure storage facility to avoid compromising the security element.

  • Charges Reasonable Fees

Make sure they charge reasonable processing, insurance, storage and administrative fees. Always choose a company with a flat fee structure as opposed to one that offers a scaled fee structure as the later will burden you with high fees once your IRA grows.

  • Have Experienced Account Executives

Experienced employees are capable of answering your questions perfectly as well as expedite the rollover within a short time.

Our top Recommended Company

Goldco Direct


Goldco Direct is our top-rated company. Some of the benefits of investing with them include waived IRA fees, great reputation, awesome customer care, timely delivery of products and most importantly; a segregated storage facility to guarantee maximum security for your investment.

More Gold IRA Companies Reviews

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