London Gold Buyer Reviews 2023

Is London Gold Buyer the right company for you? What products and services do they offer? And what do customers say about them? Please read this short London Gold Buyer review to have all your questions answered.

What Is London Gold Buyer?

London Gold Buyer Reviews

London Gold Buyer is a precious metals and jewelry dealer based Ontario, Canada. Founded in 1986, London Gold Buyer is part of the Coin Canada Ltd. Group of companies. In addition to selling and buying of precious metals, the company also offers gold melting and assay services, thanks to their state-of-the-art facilities that allow for accurate melting and testing. London Gold Buyer boasts a secure, private and professional website from where you can access free price charts as well as a free price calculator.

Are Gold and Silver IRAs Offered?

Does London Gold Buyer offer Gold and Silver IRAs? The short answer is no. London Gold Buyer is only involved in selling and buying of metals and does not offer any custodial services. If looking to open a Gold or Silver IRA account, we recommend this top-rated Gold & Silver IRA Company.

Company Info


London, Ontario


475 Highbury Ave N, London, ON N5W 4K2, Canada

Year Founded:



Daniel Loewith (President)


Overall Rating:

[usr 4]

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London Gold Buyer Products

London Gold Buyer buys and sells jewelry, high end watches, paper money, bullion (gold, silver and platinum coins and bars), numismatics, coins and much more. And as we’ve already noted, London Gold Buyer also offers melting and assay services, in addition to providing highly secured storage facilities and affordable safety deposit boxes.

How It Works

Unlike most companies that sell products online, London Gold Buyer does not have an ecommerce platform that allows for online purchases. Instead, they have a simple website containing price charts, price calculators, a few articles and contact details. Surprisingly, the company still requires you to visit their physical store to buy or sell products which is not only time consuming but costly.

Pros of Choosing London Gold Buyer

  • Cutting Edge Melting and Assay Services

London Gold Buyer is the only precious metals dealer in South West Ontario boasting state of the art gold melting and assay facility. Their adoption of latest assay technology allows for quick and accurate testing.

  • Excellent BBB Rating

Not only are they accredited with the BBB, they also boast an excellent 5-star customer rating on the platform. Such excellent ratings on a trusted consumer protection website like the BBB clearly demonstrate London Gold Buyer’s reputability.

  • Free Price Charts and Calculator

LGB offers free precious metals price charts and a free price calculator on their website. The price chart allows you to keep track of the ever volatile precious metals prices while the free calculator helps you to accurately estimate the value of precious metals you wish to buy or sell.

  • Offers a Wide variety of Products

The company offers a wide range of products. They include bank notes, watches, jewelry, bullion bars and coins, numismatics, safety deposit boxes and much more.

Cons of Choosing London Gold Buyer

  • Does Not Offer Precious Metals IRAs

Sadly, London Gold Buyer does not offer precious metals IRAs.  As a result, clients wishing to diversify their portfolios or protect their retirement through tax-advantaged self-directed gold or silver IRAs are left disappointed.

  • They Don’t Offer an Online Ecommerce System

London Gold Buyer has a simple website containing basic information such as company news, contact information and pricing information. Thus, you are required to visit their physical storefront to buy products, which could be extremely inconveniencing if you are used to buying products online.

  • Lacks Reviews On Major Review Websites

Despite a few excellent reviews on the BBB, London Gold Buyer lacks reviews on most reputable review sites including Yelp, BCA, Trustlink and Trustpilot.

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Accreditation, Customer Reviews and Ratings

London Gold Buyer BBB Ratings

London Gold Buyer is accredited with the BBB and has the highest rating of A+ from the platform. Besides, the company boasts an excellent 5/5 customer rating on the platform based on 3 customer reviews.

Shockingly, London Gold Buyer lacks reviews on Trustlink, the Business Consumer Alliance, Yelp, Trustpilot and many other trusted consumer protection websites.

Is London Gold Buyer Legit or Scam?

So, is London Gold Buyer a scam? The answer is of course NO. London Gold Buyer has been in business for 3 decades and are highly rated by customers, hence it is definitely a legitimate firm.


London Gold Buyer is a precious metals dealer based in Ontario, Canada. The company buys and sells a wide variety of precious metals and other commodities through their storefronts based in Canada. Moreover, London Gold Buyer provides unmatched melting and assay services.

In spite of London Gold Buyer’s high ratings on the BBB, the firm lacks reviews on major consumer protection platforms such as Yelp, BCA, Trustlink and Trustpilot. Besides, they do not offer precious metals IRAs and ecommerce services.

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