Gold IRA- an Ideal Investment?

Are you thinking of investing in a Gold IRA in 2022? If you are a retiree and have a regular IRA or 401k, you can easily roll it over to gold to safeguard your savings against inflation. Gold is a stable investment and will surely protect your wealth. And with the gold prices rising each year, gold can also act as a long-term profitable investment asset. Keep reading to learn more about precious metals IRAs and how to start investing.

What Exactly Is a Gold IRA?

Gold IRA

A Gold IRA simply refers to a type of IRA (a self-directed one) that holds Gold instead of stocks or bonds. A Gold IRA is also referred to as a precious metals IRA. If you wish to roll over your IRA/401k to gold, you need to follow a simple procedure that we are going to outline below. However, you will have to find the best Gold Investing Company if you want your transfer to be as seamless as possible. Some companies will scam you by selling you gold that is not approved for IRA, so keep on reading as we explain how to avoid such scams.

What Kind of Gold Can You Invest In an IRA?

Not all types of gold qualify for IRA. Keep note of the fact that the Internal Revenue Service has set standards for precious metals, and to be eligible for IRA, those standards must be met. For instance, Gold bars and coins must be at least 99.5% pure to be eligible for IRA, except for American Eagle Gold coins which qualify despite not meeting the 99.5% standard.

Unfortunately, some fraudulent companies take advantage of inexperienced investors to swindle them of their hard-earned money by selling them unapproved gold. Rare coins and collectibles that do not meet the aforementioned standards do not qualify for IRA. If you are not careful, you could lose up to 50% of your investment if you invest numismatics (meant for collectors) in a Gold IRA.

One of the rare companies that strictly focuses on pure gold bullion is Regal Assets, our top-rated gold company in 2022. Regal Assets enables investors like you to secure their wealth and make money with a Gold IRA. If you wish to learn more about them, their fees and products, you can request their FREE Gold Investing Kit. Upon requesting the kit, the company will also send you free DVDs to help you get started. Click the link below to request your FREE Gold Kit from Regal Assets.

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Why Should You Consider Rolling Over to Gold In 2022?

If you look at the global gold price charts, you will realize that gold prices are rising dramatically in 2022. This means that as a smart investor, you need to seize this opportunity and invest in gold. And the best way for a retiree to invest in gold is to roll over their IRA or 401k to Gold IRA. Not only will you be able to protect your investment from economic downturns, you will also be able to make money in the long run, provided gold prices keep soaring. And to be honest with you, gold value will never stop going up, unless the value of the dollar stops declining.

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How to Roll Over Your Regular IRA/401k to Gold 

IRA or 401k rollover

To transfer your retirement to Gold, you need a reputable company to help you expedite the rollover. All you have to do is open a Gold IRA account with your chosen company, sign the necessary paperwork, and then wire funds from your regular IRA or 401k to your new self-directed account. Upon transferring the funds, your company will then purchase the metals on your behalf and send them for safe storage in a secure vault. Keep in mind that you might be charged addition fees for storage and administration, but they are normally as little as $250 per annum, depending on the company you choose to work with. The rollover process might look simple, but only if you choose the best precious metals company. Let’s now move on and discuss how to select the best Gold investment Company.

Selecting the Best Gold IRA Company for Your Rollover

There are many factors you need to consider while select a precious metals company. Below are the most crucial ones:

  • Gold IRA Fees

Companies charging exorbitant IRA fees should be avoided. Remember that you should be able to make a profit with your investment, not lose your hard-earned money through unnecessary charges. Companies with sliding scale fees are worst, as they charge more fees once your self-directed IRA account gets huge. Instead, choose a company that charges flat rate fees to save on storage and administration costs.

  • Ratings

Make sure your chosen company has highest ratings on reputable online directories such as the Business consumer Alliance or Trustlink. A higher rating means the company is trustworthy and less likely to be a scam.

  • Customer Reviews and Complaints

What are customers saying about their experience with the company? Customer reviews are extremely important for determining reliability of a company. Make sure customer reviews are positive.

  • Storage

The storage vault where your metals will be held needs to be secure. The company should offer a segregated storage facility.

What Company Meets the Aforementioned Qualities?

Our top-rated Gold Investing Company in 2022 is Regal Assets. The company meets all the above qualities and is the most secure company for you to do a rollover. Ready to get started rolling over your regular IRA/401k to Gold? Click the link below to request your free Gold Investment Guide.

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A Gold IRA allows investors like you to secure their wealth by rolling over their regular IRA or 401k to gold. While a rollover is a simple process, researching on the best gold companies makes it easier for you to expedite the rollover, safely and securely. You need to be wary of companies that sell rare coins which are not approved for IRA. You made the right decision to read this article as you are now able to safely transfer your IRA/401k to gold.


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