Regal Wallet Reviews and Ratings 2024

Need a trustworthy crypto IRA provider who can provide outstanding services at reasonable prices? Regal Wallet is one of the most prominent Bitcoin IRA providers, but are they legitimate and trustworthy? Find out in this brief review.

What Is Regal Wallet?

Regal Wallet Reviews

Simply stated, Regal Wallet is a Crypto IRA service offered by the precious metals company Regal Assets. Initially, Regal Wallet only offered Bitcoin IRAs, but later expanded to include other cryptocurrencies. Regal Wallet prides itself on being a leader in providing free customer education in addition to providing IRA services of the highest quality at the lowest price. In addition to the free information on their blog, the company provides a FREE Crypto IRA Investor’s Kit with all the information you need to get started right away.



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How It Works

Regal Wallet Products

Beginning the process of opening a Bitcoin IRA with Regal Wallet involves filling out a basic online Bitcoin IRA application. Then, Regal Assets will assist you in establishing the account within 24 hours. After you have created and funded your Regal Wallet account, Regal Assets will load it with your preferred digital currency before storing it in highly secure offline cold storage.

Regal Wallet Products

As previously mentioned, the primary digital currency offered by Regal Wallet is Bitcoin, but they have recently expanded their services and now offer over 30 cryptocurrencies. Among their newly introduced cryptocurrencies are Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple, among others.

Regal Wallet Crypto IRA Fees

Regal Assets charges among the most affordable storage and administration fees for Crypto IRAs. For example, the company waives all fees for the first year, but you must pay $240 the following year. The minimum investment for the Bitcoin self-directed IRA offered by Regal is $10,000.

Regal Wallet Reviews, Accreditation, and Ratings

Always check online platforms to see what customers have to say about a company. Regal Wallet lacks reviews on the most reputable review websites, such as the BBB, BCA, and Trustlink.

Should You Invest In Bitcoin and Other Cryptos?

As a savvy investor, you should include cryptocurrencies in your portfolio. Cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, are presently undervalued, and their value is expected to continue rising. Keep in mind that a $200 investment in Bitcoin in 2011 would be worth more than $11 million today. Thus, if cryptocurrencies have a prosperous future, they could easily make you a multimillionaire.

Pros of Choosing Regal Wallet

  • Secure Storage

Regal Wallet offers highly protected, hacker-resistant offline cold storage for your digital assets. In addition, your cryptocurrency holdings are completely insured by Lloyds of London.

  • Lowest Fees

Regal Wallet’s IRA fees are among the lowest in the crypto IRA industry. For instance, your administrative and storage fees are waived entirely for the first year. In addition, their annual fee of $240 is significantly less than that of the majority of their competitors.

  • Free Customer Education

Customer education is a top priority at Regal. Their website’s blog contains a wealth of information regarding Cryptos and precious metals. In addition, they provide a free Investor’s Kit that is extremely informative.

  • Offers Multiple Cryptos

In addition to Bitcoin, Regal Wallet offers a variety of other significant digital currencies, such as Litcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. In fact, they are the only Crypto IRA provider to offer more than 30 digital assets.

Cons of Choosing Regal Wallet

  • High Minimum Investment Amount

The $10,000 minimum investment required to open a Regal Wallet account may be prohibitively expensive for customers with limited funds.

  • Lacks Reviews and Ratings

Regal Wallet lacks online reviews and ratings. Additionally, they are not BBB-accredited.

Is Regal Wallet Legit Or a Scam?

Presently, the provider of Regal Wallet, Regal Assets, is accused of defrauding customers through precious metals IRAs. Thus, the firm’s legitimacy is in question.

Regal Wallet Alternatives


Regal Wallet is a Crypto IRA service offered by Regal Assets. The company places a premium on customer education and will do everything possible to provide you with the most recent information on digital currencies. In addition, their IRA fees are among the lowest in the industry.

Regrettably, Regal Assets has a prohibitively high minimum investment requirement and is currently under investigation for fraud.

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