Regal Assets Review 2022-Is It Legit Or Scam?

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This Regal Assets review will dive into its pros and cons to help you make an informed investment decision.

Overview- Who are Regal Assets?

Regal Assets Review

Established in 2009, Regal Assets is a precious metals company located in Waco, Texas. The company was founded by Tyler Callagher to help retirees protect their retirement savings from economic uncertainties by  investing in gold, silver, palladium or platinum.

Since its inception, the company has enjoyed massive success and is currently a multinational with branches in Europe and Asia.

Also, Regal Assets recently added the world’s popular crypto currencies (Bitcoin and Ethereum) to their portfolio.

Company Location, Contacts and Management

Company official website:

Headquarters: Waco, Texas


200 West Highway 6, 4th Floor

Waco, TX 7612

Management: Tyler Gallagher (CEO)

Now, let’s have a quick look at all the services and products offered by Regal Assets.

Regal Assets Review: Products & Services

Regal Assets products and services

As aforementioned, Regal Assets helps you invest in precious metals as well as crypto currencies. Thus, the company offers you the platform to roll over your savings to gold or crypto.

Regal has invested heavily on human resources and state-of-the-art technology to see to it that they offer the best services to customers.

Regal Assets makes the rollover process easier for you as they have a team of experts to take you through the entire process. The company offers both individual and corporate investment packages.

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Regal Assets Precious Metals and Crypto IRA Fees

Regal Assets fees

The initial startup fee (for setting up an IRA account) is $0. At the beginning of the following year, you are required to pay annual administration fee of $100 and an annual storage fee of $150, totaling $250. The minimum purchase amount is $10, 000.

Advantages of Choosing Regal Assets

  • Awesome customer service

They have knowledgeable customer care staff who will answer all your queries in a professional manner. Most of them are investment gurus with excellent knowledge of all investment niches be it precious metals, bitcoin or any other form of investment.

Regal Assets have a toll free phone number and also an email address, and you can contact them from 7.00 am-5.00pm Monday through Friday.

  • Timely delivery

In case you want a portion of your stored gold shipped to you, Regal Assets takes only 7 working days to deliver the gold to your premises, unlike most companies that take weeks to deliver precious metals to clients. And in the rare circumstance where they fail to deliver on time, they have a compensation plan for the delay.

  • Segregated storage

Regal Assets is among the few companies that offer a segregated storage. This means that your commodities will be kept in a separate compartment as opposed to being mixed up with those of other investors. This gives you some sense of security.

  • Fast Processing time and transfer of funds

Transferring funds from an investment account such as 401k to a Gold IRA involves lots of processes and paper work. However, being specialists in IRA rollovers, Regal Assets will expedite the transfer for you within no time. This will save you time and money.

  • Great reputation

The company has gained massive trust among investors and celebrities alike. Their AAA rating on BCA and many happy clients including net worth investors such as Richard Branson proves that the company has an amazing track record.

  • Single Fixed Fee

A single fixed fee of $250 is charged for storage and administrative purposes, irrespective of the type of account, beginning on the second year of your investment (first year’s fee is waived).

Disadvantages of Choosing Regal Assets

  • High Investment Amount

The minimum investment amount is $5,000, a figure that may not be affordable to most investors.

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Regal Assets Reviews, Accreditation, and Customer Testimonials

Regal Assets rating

In this Regal Assets review, we also look at the company’s accreditation on reputable online platforms. Regal Assets have the highest rating (AAA) on the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) website which indicates that the company has nearly zero complaints from customers.

And based on reviews of  Regal Assets posted on Trustlink, the company has an aggregate rating of 5 out of 5 stars as well as a 4.2 out of 5 stars rating on Facebook. Below is the summary of Regal Assets reviews and ratings from major online platforms:

  • TrustLink: 4.6/5 based on 1089 reviews (more)
  • BCA: 5/5 based on 57 reviews (more)
  • Yellow Pages: 5/5 based on 12 reviews (more)
  • Google+: 5/5
  • Facebook: 5/5 based on 4 votes (more)
  • Trustpilot: 4/5 based on 4 reviews (more)

Regal Assets Lawsuit

Most precious metals companies happen to be scams and have been involved in several lawsuits. However, there has never been any lawsuit by consumers against Regal Assets as they are a genuine company.

Should You Consider Regal Assets for your Gold IRA Investment?

As we have seen, Regal Assets is one of those companies with a proven track record of success.

In our view, Regal Assets ranks at the top, and is therefore a better choice, especially if you want to invest huge sums of money ($50, 000+) in precious metals.

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Setting Up An Account With Regal Assets

IRA rollovers normally require donkey work and lots of time. However, RA’s experienced account executives will help you transfer your funds with minimum effort. You will only be required to indicate the amount you wish to transfer and the rest is upon them to expedite. The only company that comes close to Regal Assets in terms of reliability is Goldco Direct.

Important Pages From Regal Assets Official Website

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Regal Assets Legit or Scam?

Regal Assets is a licensed company and is therefore a legitimate precious metals company.

How long does it take to set up my account with Regal Assets?

Unlike other companies, Regal Assets is dedicated to seeing to it that the process of setting up a Gold IRA account and transferring funds from your old account is accomplished in a couple of days.

Can I store my investment asset (s) at home?

No, you cannot store your investment for yourself. IRS rules state that you must find a custodian to safely store the precious commodity for you.

What types of bullion are accepted for and IRA account?

Gold, silver, Platinum and Palladium are all approved by IRS, but you can’t just put any type of bullion in an IRA. IRS has set standards for the types of bullion that can be stored in an IRA account. Age and rarity of bullion coins do not make them IRA worthy but the amount of pure gold in them is the determining factor. So, the type of bullion that is accepted in an IRA is one that meets the purity standards set by IRS.

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Regal Assets Review-Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed reading our Regal Assets review. Investing your wealth in precious metals enables you to diversify your portfolio and avert risks, and knowing the best precious metals company to help you with your rollover is the first step.

Regal Assets is one of those precious metals companies that have established themselves in the industry and achieved immense success.

Their excellent customer care services, reputable storage facilities and low premiums are some of the factors that make them the ‘go to’ company for most investors.

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