Midatlantic IRA Reviews and Ratings 2024

This review focuses on Midatlantic IRA. How does Midatlantic IRA compare to other industry-wide IRA administrators? Is it a genuine company or a scam? Find out in this brief analysis.

What Is Midatlantic IRA?

Midatlantic IRA Reviews

MidAtlantic IRA, LLC is a self-directed IRA administration company based in Frederick, Maryland. The company was established in 2004 and is one of the nation’s fastest-growing IRA administrators. Due to their extensive selection of self-directed IRA accounts, Midatlantic IRA provides you with a fantastic opportunity to protect and grow your retirement resources by investing in a vast array of alternative assets.

Company Info


Frederick, Maryland


118 W Church St, Frederick, MD 21701, United States

Year Founded:



Teddie Barnhart (Owner)




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Midatlantic IRA Products & Services

Self-directed retirement plans from Midatlantic IRA are designed for both individual investors and small businesses. Individuals have access to Traditional IRA and Roth IRA self-directed IRA accounts, while small businesses have access to SEP IRA and SIMPLE IRA self-directed retirement accounts. Limited Partnerships, Real Estate, Precious Metals, Hedge Funds, Tax Liens, Trust Deeds, Annuities, Private Placement, etc. are examples of permissible custodial assets.

How It Works

Forms for opening a self-directed IRA account can be found on the Midatlantic IRA website. The initial step is to determine the type of self-directed retirement plan you desire to establish. Once you’ve decided, follow the four steps outlined below to establish your account.

  1. Download Account Set Up Forms From Midatlantic IRA’s official Website
  2. Fill out the forms appropriately and print out the document to enable you to append your signature by hand.
  3. Send copies via email to Midatlantic IRA for approval. Should there be any rectifications that need to be made, Midatlantic IRA’s staff will let you know at this point.
  4. The fourth and final stage involves mailing the company your original copies and a copy of your driver’s license. Midatlantic IRA account executives will expedite the account setup from this point forward, and you’ll be investing in alternative assets of your choosing in no time.

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Midatlantic IRA Annual Fees

On their website, neither the Midatlantic IRA fee structure nor the actual annual administration fees are disclosed. Consequently, you must contact the company to obtain this information. However, after extensive research online, we discovered that they charge a $50 account setup fee and a $150-$475 account termination fee.

Pros of Choosing Midatlantic IRA

  • Offers a Full Range of Self-directed IRA Accounts

Midatlantic IRA provides a comprehensive selection of self-directed accounts for individuals and small businesses. These accounts permit you to invest in a diverse array of alternative assets.

  • Provides Free Educational Resources

Their website is full of free educational resources, including a blog and a section with frequently asked questions. These resources expand your knowledge of retirement self-direction and outline the measures you must take prior to investing.

  • Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff

Staff members at Midatlantic IRA are known for their friendliness and responsiveness, as well as their accessibility and property investment expertise.

Cons of Choosing Midatlantic IRA

  • Not BBB Accredited

Despite having an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau platform, Midatlantic IRA is not accredited.

  • No Customer Reviews Online

Midatlantic IRA lacks reviews on almost all third-party consumer protection and reviews websites, with the exception of Yelp.

  • Lacks Transparency

Midatlantic IRA has chosen not to publish fee information on its website, unlike the majority of businesses. There is documentation containing all fee information, but you must contact the company to obtain it.

Midatlantic IRA Reviews, Accreditation, and Ratings

Midatlantic IRA Accreditation and Ratings

Midatlantic IRA is not BBB-accredited and does not have any customer reviews on the platform. On Yelp, the company is rated 3 out of 5 stars based on 1 user review. Midatlantic IRA has no reviews on the BCA, Trustlink, Trustpilot, and numerous other review websites.

Should You Invest In Midatlantic IRA?

You must conduct your own research and make your own decision before investing in a self-directed IRA. The Midatlantic IRA is not, in our opinion, among the top-rated custodians in terms of customer ratings and transparency.

Midatlantic IRA Alternatives


Midatlantic IRA is an administrator of self-directed IRAs that offers a variety of self-directed retirement programs. Investors can invest their IRA funds in a variety of alternative assets through their accounts. The company is known for providing free educational materials and expert customer service.

On the other hand, Midatlantic IRA lacks online customer reviews and ratings, as well as accreditation from one of the largest consumer protection websites, the Better Business Bureau. In addition, they lack transparency because their fee structure is not listed on their official website.

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