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Are you interested in selling your coin collection but unsure of where to obtain the best price? Have you ever heard of American Rarities and pondered if they are legitimate coin buyers or con artists? Find out if they are authentic and if you should do business with them in this American Rarities review.

What Is American Rarities?

American Rarities Reviews 

According to its BBB profile, American Rarities is a coin-buying company situated in Boulder, Colorado. The company is managed by a group of expert coin dealers who appraise and purchase all types of rare coins from across the nation. American Rarities has been in business since 1995 and has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2004. Below is a summary of the company’s information.

American Rarities Review Summary


Boulder, Colorado


Boulder, CO 80301-4008

Year Founded:



Warren Zivi (President and Founder)



[usr 3.5]

American Rarities Products & Services

American Rarities is a nationwide coin dealer with multiple locations. They provide free coin appraisals and are known to offer some of the finest prices on the market. On their website, they list all of the goods and services they provide. They purchase items such as gold and silver bullion coins and bars, US rare coins, and world rare coins. If you desire to sell a portion of your coin collection, you can always contact the company for a free evaluation. Email, phone number, and an online contact form are accessible via their website.

Pros of American Rarities

  • Accredited With the BBB

American Rarities has earned the confidence of consumers due to its BBB accreditation and outstanding rating. Since 2004, the company has been BBB-accredited.

  • They Offer Free Appraisal

The company’s team of expert coin dealers works diligently to provide you with the most precise valuation of your coins so that you can obtain the best price.

  • They Have Branches All Over the Country

In an effort to provide customers with convenience, American Rarities has established locations across the nation. Most likely, one of their coin dealers is located near your location.

  • Decades of Experience

They have been in operation for nearly three decades. Therefore, they have vast experience with the valuation of precious metals.

Cons of American Rarities

  • Negative Reviews on Yelp

The company’s poor rating and negative customer reviews on Yelp cast doubt on its ostensible credibility, despite the company’s outstanding ratings with the Better Business Bureau.

  • No Live Chat

Live chat support facilitates effective client communication for businesses. It enables customers to receive prompt responses to their inquiries. Surprisingly, American Rarities lacks this essential function and relies primarily on email and phone. This has led to some dissatisfied customers accusing the company of not responding to communications promptly.

American Rarities Reviews, Ratings & Complaints

American Rarities Rating

American Rarities has the highest overall BBB rating, with an A+ rating and an average of 4.93 stars out of 5 based on 14 customer reviews.

The company has a rather subpar rating on Yelp, with 1 star out of 5 based on 3 reviews. They are absent from the BCA, Trustlink, Trustpilot, and other review websites. Below are samples of BBB and Yelp reviews.

Fantastic staff and authentic professional services. Whether you’ve come into a collection from a relative/heirlooms or are a competitive buyer and seller, American Rarities delivers the best pricing and service in the industry.Very happy with my appraisal/sale, netted additional once reviewed by the appraiser!

Complete ripoff. Stay far far away. I completed an online appraisal for some US Small Size Currency that I have collected over the years. Total face value of $1800. American Rarities comes back with an $1980 offer. Keep in mind that 90% of the bills are PMG or PCGS graded 55 or higher and a 1928 $10 Gold Certificate in my collection  alone is worth $150-160 in a 25 very fine grade. Avoid!

***************************, one of the buyers, phoned me very shorty after I submitted a list of my coins online. He was very professional and very courteous. The entire transaction went very smoothly. I couldn’t believe how quickly I received my check. I will definitely do business with American Rarities again.

Well for starters i sent in several paper currency pics to which i was told via email were all worthless, I found this funny because some one had already offered over $400 for a few of the same bills in the pics. So i in turn said ok maybe ill have better luck with the coins so i sent in 3 of them was told the email never arrived so i attatched them to the reply and guess what no reply! Days late i got an offer for the coins more like an INSULT!!! the We pay more for rare coins should be removed from their logo Just saying!! i sent in a 1927 st gaudens a proof set that has a very valuble coin in it from 1961 and 2 columbian coins. i was offered under spot value of the st gaudens for all 4 items and even told the wrong year on the proof set when i questioned what items the quote was for!!!!!!! Run from RYAN run very very fast. Ill keep looking for some one trust worthy to appraise my coins and cash

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American Rarities is a coin dealer that purchases rare coins from private collectors throughout the United States. The company is renowned for its free appraisals and competitive pricing, as well as its numerous locations.

The company has, however, received a few negative Yelp reviews. In addition, their reliance on email has resulted in ineffective client communication.

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