Cornerstone Asset Metals Reviews and Complaints 2024

Cornerstone Asset Metals Reviews

Cornerstone Asset Metals, an established precious metals company founded in 2005, has recently come under scrutiny due to the unavailability of its official website. As of now, attempting to access the website redirects users to a Yahoo Mail Sign-In Page. This situation has left both existing clients and prospective customers unable to create accounts, log in, or access the company’s services. In this review, we will explore Cornerstone Asset Metals, its products, how to purchase from them, potential pros and cons, and examine its legitimacy in light of its current website issues.

What Is Cornerstone Asset Metals?

Cornerstone Asset Metals is a precious metals company that specializes in gold and silver bars and coins, many of which are eligible for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). Established in 2005, the company has provided a platform for individuals to invest in physical precious metals as a means of diversifying their portfolios and safeguarding their wealth. However, the company’s online presence has recently become a subject of concern as their official website is currently inaccessible, redirecting users to an unrelated Yahoo Mail Sign-In Page. This unforeseen situation has cast a shadow over the company’s operations and accessibility.

Cornerstone Asset Metals Products

Cornerstone Asset Metals offers a variety of gold and silver bars and coins. These precious metals are particularly attractive to investors because they are often eligible for inclusion in IRAs. Precious metal IRAs provide a unique opportunity for individuals to hold tangible assets in a tax-advantaged retirement account, which can serve as a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty.

Cornerstone Asset Metals products and services

While Cornerstone Asset Metals has been known to offer a range of precious metal products, it’s important to note that the inaccessibility of their website prevents customers from viewing their current product catalog or making purchases.

How to Buy from Cornerstone Asset Metals

Traditionally, customers would purchase products from Cornerstone Asset Metals through their official website. However, due to the ongoing issues with their website, it is currently impossible to access their platform or make any transactions. It’s important to stay updated on the situation as it evolves, and potential clients should keep an eye on any announcements regarding the company’s return to online operations.

Pros of Cornerstone Asset Metals

  • User-Friendly Website

 Prior to the website issues, Cornerstone Asset Metals was known for its user-friendly website that provided information about their products, services, and the process of setting up a precious metal IRA.

  • Offers IRA Eligible Gold and Silver

Cornerstone Asset Metals’ specialization in precious metals eligible for inclusion in IRAs made it a preferred choice for individuals looking to diversify their retirement portfolios with tangible assets.

Cons of Cornerstone Asset Metals

  • Inaccessible Website

The most significant drawback is the current inaccessibility of Cornerstone Asset Metals’ official website, rendering it impossible for customers to browse products, place orders, or access information about their services.

Customer Reviews and Ratings on Prominent Review Platforms

One aspect that raises concerns about Cornerstone Asset Metals is the absence of customer reviews and ratings on prominent review platforms like the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Trustlink, Yelp, and Trustpilot. The lack of feedback or information about customer experiences on these platforms is unusual for a company that has been in operation for several years. This absence of public feedback can be viewed as a significant red flag, as it leaves potential customers without any social proof or insight into the company’s reputation.

Is Cornerstone Asset Metals Legit?

The legitimacy of Cornerstone Asset Metals is currently under question due to the website issues and the absence of customer reviews on reputable platforms. While the company has a history of operation dating back to 2005, the inability to access their website and the lack of feedback on well-known review platforms raise concerns about their current status and reliability.

Alternatives to Cornerstone Asset Metals

Cornerstone Asset Metals Reviews- Conclusion

Cornerstone Asset Metals, an established player in the precious metals industry, is currently facing challenges with its online presence. The inaccessibility of their website and the redirection to an unrelated page is a significant cause for concern, making it impossible for clients and prospective customers to engage with the company. Furthermore, the absence of customer reviews and ratings on various review platforms is a glaring red flag, leaving many questions about the company’s legitimacy unanswered. Until these issues are resolved and more information becomes available, it is advisable for individuals to exercise caution when considering Cornerstone Asset Metals as a potential source for precious metal investments. It is essential to stay informed about the company’s status and operations as the situation evolves in the coming months.

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