Sandstorm Gold Ltd Reviews & Ratings 2024

Is Sandstorm Gold Ltd a legitimate business or a scam? If you want to learn more about Sandstorm Gold Ltd and avoid scams, please read this review to its conclusion.

What Is Sandstorm Gold Ltd?

Sandstorm Gold Ltd Reviews

Sandstorm Gold Ltd, also known as Sandstorm Gold Royalties, is one of the largest gold royalty companies in the world. Since its inception in 2008, the company has experienced exponential growth due to the efforts of its executive team, which has spent countless hours searching for lucrative investment opportunities. Sandstorm Gold Ltd. has transacted over $3 billion in royalty transactions and worked on more than 100 mining ventures worldwide.

Sandstorm Gold Ltd Review Summary


Vancouver, Canada


Suite 1400, 400 Burrard Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6C 3A6 Canada

Year Founded:



Nola Watson (President & CEO)



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Sandstorm Gold Ltd Products

Sandstorm Gold Ltd Products

Sandstorm Gold Ltd adopts a unique approach to investing in gold. Their goal is to avoid operational risks in gold mining at all costs. To accomplish this, Sandstorm Gold Ltd provides capital to gold mining companies without engaging in gold mining itself. This form of financing, also referred to as volumetric production payment transaction, is prevalent in the oil and gas industries.

How It Works

Consequently, how does Sandstorm Gold Ltd operate? The company initially acquires royalty rights by paying an up-front fee. A royalty is simply a contract that grants the company the right to a portion of gold or mine revenue. After acquiring the necessary contract, Sandstorm Gold Ltd searches for gold mining companies in need of financing. Their rigorous process of due diligence enables them to select the best gold mines in the globe, thereby ensuring a stable cash flow. Sandstorm Gold Ltd possesses a portfolio of 250 worldwide mining royalties.

Due to Sandstorm Gold Ltd’s remarkable growth trajectory, the company offers mining stocks based primarily on the performance of their royalties. Below is a list of their publicly traded stocks.

  • AMEX- traded under the ticker SAND
  • TSX- traded under the ticker SSL

Pros of Sandstorm Gold Ltd

  • Unique Approach To Business

Their business strategy has allowed them to increase from 0 royalties in 2008 to 250 currently. When evaluating investment opportunities, Sandstorm Gold Ltd employs stringent criteria, which ensures success in terms of stable cash flows and a progressive growth trajectory.

  • Reputable Company

Sandstorm Gold Ltd is one of the most reputable gold royalty companies in the world, and is a member of the World Gold Council.

Cons of Sandstorm Gold Ltd

  • Does Not Offer Gold IRAs

Although it allows you to invest in their stocks, it does not provide consumers with a way to own physical gold. If you want to own physical gold, you can do so through a gold company that offers precious metals IRAs that are exempt from taxes. Here is Our Number One Recommended Gold IRA Provider.

  • No Ratings or Reviews

Sandstorm Gold Ltd lacks customer reviews and ratings on consumer protection websites such as the Better Business Bureau and Business Consumer Alliance, despite its well-recognized reputation for developing innovative and sustainable business practices.

Sandstorm Gold Ltd Reviews, Ratings & Complaints

At the time of writing, Sandstorm Gold Ltd has no reviews, ratings, or complaints on any online review site.

Is Sandstorm Gold Ltd a Scam?

Since 2008, Sandstorm Gold Ltd. has been a legitimate gold royalty company operating out of Vancouver. Sandstorm Gold Ltd is not a scam, as evidenced by its extensive business history and robust growth.

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Sandstorm Gold Ltd is a gold royalty company based in Vancouver, Canada. It has been in operation since 2008 and has utilized a highly strategic business approach to increase from zero royalties at its inception to its current level of 250 royalties. Despite its impeccable reputation, there are no online reviews or ratings for the company. In addition, it does not provide consumers with the opportunity to own physical gold.

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