Royal Mint Bullion Review 2023

Are you considering buying gold, silver or other precious metals from Royal Mint Bullion? How do they compare to other precious metals dealers? In this review, we discuss Royal Mint Bullion products, services and storage facilities, in addition to looking at customer reviews, complaints and ratings. Read on to find out whether they are a reliable company or scam.

What Is Royal Mint Bullion?

Royal Mint Bullion Review

Royal Mint Bullion is a British precious metals dealer which also doubles as a mint. Founded in 886 AD (over 1100 years ago), the company is owned by the British government hence the immense trust the British public have on them. Other than producing bullion bars and coins for investment purposes, Royal Mint Bullion is also involved in minting the country’s currency coins, commemoratives and collectibles.

Royal Mint Bullion Products

Royal Mint Bullion products mainly comprise gold, silver and platinum (bars and coins), in addition to collectibles. Being the world’s largest mint, the firm boasts a wide selection of products, and their website is clean and easy to navigate. You can easily search the coins or bars you like on the website’s search bar. RMB also gives you an opportunity to trade gold right from your computer or smartphone through their DigiGold online trading platform.

According to Royal Mint Bullion, the safety of your items comes first. Therefore the company offers secure storage vaults for security and safety of your items. When you visit their website to access your vault, you will be subjected to rigorous security checks including finger print scanning to ensure that you are the only person accessing your vault.

Does It Offer Precious Metals IRAs?

Unfortunately, Royal Mint Bullion does not offer precious metals IRAs as it’s mainly involved in the sale of precious metals. If you are looking to open a gold or silver IRA, we recommend you go with a US firm that not only sell precious metals but offer custodial services. One such firm is our #1 recommended precious metals IRA provider, Goldco. Click the link below to read more about Goldco.

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Company Info


Llantrisant, United Kingdom


Ynysmaerdy, Pontyclun CF72 8YT, United Kingdom

Year Founded:

886 AD


Anne Jessopp (CEO)



[usr 2.5] Not Recommended

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How Does Royal Mint Bullion Work?

How Royal Mint Bullion Works

As we’ve noted, Royal Mint Bullion has a clean website design that is extremely easy to navigate. Thus, the process of purchasing precious metals only takes a few minutes of creating an account, searching for the coins or bars, adding them to the cart and completing payment.

Advantages of Choosing Royal Mint Bullion

  • Professionally Designed Website

Their website is professionally designed and navigating it is hassle free. You can easily find what you are looking for and the checkout process is also simplified, and you can pay instantly with a credit card or wire transfer.

  • Large Selection of Products

With over 1100 years in business, you can expect Royal Mint Bullion to have in stock every product you’re looking for. And for sure, they own a massive inventory of bullion bars, coins, collectibles and much more.

  • They are Backed By the Government

As a government-owned firm, Royal Mint Bullion has the government backing which has been crucial for its existence for centuries. You can be sure that Royal Mint Bullion will be around for many more years to come.

  • They offer secure Storage

They offer their own storage vault which is highly secured and guarded 24/7. Even their website a lone is fitted with multiple security systems to assure maximum security of your assets.

  • You can Trade Gold Right from Your Computer

Through their DigiGold platform, you can trade gold bars securely from your laptop or smart phone.

Disadvantages of Choosing Royal Mint Bullion

  • Poor Customer Reviews and Ratings

There are numerous negative reviews and ratings, mainly on Trustpilot. Out of more than 230 customer reviews, 64% of them are bad.

  • Poor Customer Support

Several Royal Mint Bullion customers have taken to online platforms to complain about poor customer support by the company. Some have accused the firm of taking too long to resolve issues, while some complained that Royal Mint Bullion ignored their emails or phone calls.

  • Does not Offer Precious Metals IRAs

Since they do not offer precious metals IRAs, it means those who wish to diversify their retirement portfolios will be disadvantaged. We recommend you opt for a US-based IRA provider instead. You can check out our #1 recommendation here.

Royal Mint Bullion Complaints, Customer Reviews & Ratings

Royal Mint Bullion lacks reviews, ratings or complaints on Trustlink, the BBB and BCA. The only other independent third party platform that has reviews of the company is Trustpilot, whereby they boast a 2.5 out of 5 stars rating from 239 customer reviews and complaints. Here are some screen shots from Trustpilot:

Royal Mint Bullion Customer Reviews

Royal Mint Bullion BBB

Is It Worth Buying Gold from Royal Mint Bullion?

As we’ve seen, Royal Mint Bullion has both positives and negatives, which is normal for any established firm. However, we are more concerned with latest customer reviews and ratings as they paint a really true picture of the firm. And based on latest reviews on Trustpilot, the firm seems to have lowered their standards in the recent past. Furthermore, they do not offer precious metals IRAs, which made us not to recommend them. Click the link below to find out our top-recommendation for Gold and Silver IRAs.

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Is Royal Mint Bullion Legit or Scam?

Royal Mint Bullion is certainly a legit company. It can never be a scam as it is owned by the British Government.


Royal Mint Bullion is a precious metals dealer owned by the British government. They have been in business since 886 AD, and are primarily involved in the sale of bullion coins and bars, in addition to producing currency coins.

Despite their long history of reputation, recent reviews and complaints shows that the company has lowered its standards. For instance, Royal Mint Bullion has been accused of poor customer support as well as poor quality products.

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