Biotech Breakouts Review-Scam or Legit?

Whether you are new to Biotech stocks or an experienced investor, you may have heard of Biotech Breakouts. This program promises to equip you with the knowledge necessary to become a consistently profitable trader of Biotech stocks. In this unbiased review of Biotech Breakouts, we’ll examine this service in depth to determine whether it’s a scam or a legit way to make money.

What Is Biotech Breakouts?

Biotech Breakouts Review

Most people mistakenly believe that Biotech Breakouts is an automated system that generates stock trading signals. Biotech Breakouts is merely a program designed to assist you in making prudent investments. It involves four kinds of services that will be discussed later in this review. Each of these services provides exceptional guidance for safely navigating the volatile and unpredictable biotech industry.

Biotech Breakouts promises to steer you in the right direction by providing you with techniques that have helped a large number of individuals realize enormous profits in biotech stock trading. TheStreet, Yahoo Finance, Seeking Alpha, and Market Watch are among the credible financial news outlets that have featured Biotech Breakouts. This is sufficient evidence that they provide exceptional financial advice.

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Who Created Biotech Breakouts?

Kyle Dennis created Biotech Breakouts to assist investors in learning the art and science of Biotech stock trading. Kyle was once a poor college student who graduated with a staggering $80,000 in student loan debt. With only $15,000 in savings separating him from poverty, he decided to engage in stock trading despite his inexperience. He was forced to learn everything the hard way and lost nearly half of his savings before recouping and generating millions of dollars.

Kyle asserts that he created Biotech Breakouts to assist investors in avoiding the pitfalls he encountered. Through his strategies and techniques, he hopes to reveal the quickest path to millions. He has also published The Middle-Class Millionaire, a well-known book that has inspired many individuals to actively engage in Biotech stock trading.

Is Biotech Breakouts a Scam?

Biotech Breakouts is not a fraud. It is a legitimate business that offers proven trading strategies and has been featured on prominent financial websites. Additionally, the company’s proprietor is a well-known and respected biotech industry figure. Moreover, positive customer reviews and ratings on online directories like Trustpilot indicate that this company is legitimate.

What You Get

What do participants of the Biotech Breakouts program receive? You should be aware that this program gives you the option between four distinct services. The first service, the Sniper Report Service, is reasonably priced at $199 per year and is designed for those on a limited budget. FDA Insider Alerts, Option Rocket, and the Nucleus are the additional services that will be discussed in detail.

How it Works

Biotech Breakouts products

As was just mentioned, Kyle Dennis offers four distinct levels of service, each of which provides him with consistent profit-generating recommendations. Kyle’s success in stock trading can be attributed to his unique strategy, which involves the use of catalysts. Catalytic stock trading involves utilizing vital information such as news that could increase market volatility. And now, let’s talk about these four service levels.

  1. The Sniper Report

The Sniper Report is the most cost-effective service at only $199 per year. In this report, Kyle highlights the top 1% of all high-performing trades, with each trade aiming for a return of 100-300%. With the Sniper Report service, you receive the following essential advice:

  • Initial Stop Target Prices
  • Loss Target Prices
  • Entry Price Alerts
  • Exit Price Alerts
  • Daily Trade Updates
  • Trade Plan Research
  1. The FDA Insider Alerts

The FDA Insider Alerts utilizes a three-step procedure to identify potential Biotech stock market opportunities. It primarily alerts you to stocks awaiting FDA approval and those likely to be disapproved. This adequately prepares you to capitalize on stock market opportunities while minimizing risk. The FDA Insider Alerts include the following:

  • Priority Catalyst Buy and Sell Alerts
  • FDA Events Daily WatchList
  • Catalyst Buy and Sell Alerts
  • Tips and Commentary
  • Educational Guides and Library
  1. The Option Rocket

The Option Rocket is an options trading service by Biotech Breakouts- designed appropriately to accommodate members with both small and large accounts. If you don’t have the time to sit and trade in front of your computer the whole day, this service may be the ideal service for you. Options Rocket includes the following:

  • Various tools to help you improve your options trading
  • Portfolio Commentary
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Crucial Findings
  1. The Nucleus

The Nucleus is the fourth and the ultimate service offered by Biotech Breakouts. It combines the Options Rocket, the FDA Insider Alerts, and the Sniper Report, making it ideal for stock traders of all levels. With the Nucleus, you get personal mentoring from Kyle Dennis. The program features the following:

  • Personal mentoring from Kyle Dennis via live chat and email
  • Private chat room preserved for Nucleus members only. Here, you can converse and share trading ideas with fellow members.
  • Live streaming of Kyle Dennis’ own trading screen
  • Daily Market Talk commentary
  • Live intra-day scans

Biotech Breakouts Cost

Each of the four services we described above is priced differently. The cheapest of all is the Sniper Report, which goes for $199 per year. The FDA report costs $399 per quarter, which translates to $1, 596 per annum. The Options Rocket will cost you $3, 999 per year, while Nucleus which combines the other three services is only accessible by application. Kyle Dennis will have to personally approve your membership, and since this is the ultimate service, you may expect to pay as much as $10, 000 per year.

Biotech Breakouts Refund and Cancellation Policy

Refund and cancellation policy

To participate in Biotech Breakout’s program, a credit card payment is required. Your credit card information will be stored for future subscription renewals until you terminate your subscription. And so, can you actually cancel your subscription and receive a refund if you no longer need their services?

You must provide at least two days’ notice prior to your next auto-renewal date in order to cancel your subscription. Unfortunately, they do not have a refund policy, so you will lose your money if you terminate your subscription.

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Biotech Breakouts Customer Support

Once you subscribe to any of the four services, you will gain direct access to Kyle and his team via phone and email. Nucleus members have an added advantage as they have access to a live chat feature and a private chat room. However, whatever level you subscribe to, you’ll get exclusive, 24-hour access to Kyle’s tools and materials that will guide you toward being a successful Biotech Stocks trader.

Pros of Biotech Breakouts

  • Four different levels of service offer you the flexibility to choose the service that suits your level and budget.
  • Personal mentoring helps you to grasp more concepts
  • Great customer service
  • Reasonable pricing

Cons of Biotech Breakouts

  • No refund policy
  • No free trial
  • Live chat only available to Nucleus members
  • Only focuses on one niche (Biotech stocks) hence no room for diversification

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Biotech Breakouts Review Summary

Kyle’s Biotech Breakouts should be your go-to resource if you want to learn how to trade Biotech stocks with catalysts. In this Biotech Breakouts review, we noted that in addition to receiving praise for its reasonable pricing, this service has received a rating of 4.4/5 from 456 reviews on Trustpilot. Thus, it is one of the best stock trading programs that you can join for only $199 per year. However, if you are interested in a program that concentrates on multiple niches, you may wish to consider Capitalist Exploits, which is rated even higher on Trustpilot (4.8/5).

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