Petra Picks Review-a Scam or a Legit Program?

Are you searching for a stock trading program that can help you consistently generate profits? Can Petra Picks assist you in achieving your goals? Find out in this comprehensive Petra Picks review.

What Is Petra Picks?

Petra Picks Review

Have you heard of Petra Picks but are unsure of their services? In essence, Petra Picks is a stock trading program that enables investors to generate wealth through the implementation of unparalleled stock trading strategies. The company is led by one of the best stock-picking experts, Petra Hess, whose advice is simple to follow.

Petra Picks has been featured on reputable financial websites such as MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance, TheStreet, and Seeking Alpha due to its outstanding and proven system.

Note:  Petra Hess has retired and this program is no longer offered. Click the link below to view our recommended alternative.

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Who Created Petra Picks?

Petra Hess, arguably the world’s most knowledgeable stock picker, is the creator of Petra Picks. Petra worked as a businesswoman in the livestock, telecommunications, and cosmetics industries prior to establishing and growing Petra Picks into the multimillion-dollar enterprise that it is today. However, her pinnacle in wealth creation occurred at age 25 through stock trading, where she was able to generate her first million dollars. Petra Hess derives her current income from mid- to large-cap US and Canadian stocks, and she created Petra Picks to assist her followers in replicating her success and achieving financial independence. Despite the fact that Petra promises to change your life within four weeks, this is not always the case. Her sole objective is to provide you with distinct strategies that have worked for her. However, months of consistency, perseverance, and effort will likely be required to duplicate her success. Do not believe that Petra Picks will make you a millionaire overnight.

Is Petra Picks Legit or a Scam?

Petra Picks is 100% legitimate and not a scam. Petra Hess is a well-known and esteemed expert in stock trading with a large following. The company has been featured on reputable financial websites such as due to its eight-year track record of providing unparalleled trading advice. In addition, Petra Hess provides examples of her numerous proven and verified winning trades to demonstrate that her strategies work and that she is not attempting to scam you.

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How It Works

Petra Picks offers three different programs, including the Gold, Platinum, and Power Trading Programs. Each of these programs is intended to equip you with the technical analysis skills required to replicate Petra Hess’s success. Every concept is simplified and made simple to comprehend so that you can hit the ground running within weeks. You have the opportunity to improve your stock trading skills, increase your income, and attain financial independence through this program. Unfortunately, Petra Picks does not offer a free trial, and you must pay a substantial upfront subscription fee to enter the program. Detailed descriptions of the three programs are provided below.

  • Gold

This plan is the cheapest of the three and attempts to provide you with daily stock watch lists and online video training, in addition to sending buy and sell alerts to your email and text message inboxes.

  • Platinum

In addition to sending buy and sell alerts to your inboxes, the Platinum plan grants you unlimited access to webinars where you receive direct live coaching from Petra herself.

  • Power Trading Programs

This is the third and most expensive plan (billed every four weeks). Here, you will learn how to cultivate the mindset necessary for trading success. In addition, you will be instructed in technical analysis and risk management in order to become a consistently profitable stock trader.

Petra Picks Costs

Petra Picks Costs and fees

The Petra Picks’ three plans (Gold, Platinum, and Power Trading Programs) are priced differently. With the Gold plan, you pay a yearly fee of $1596 while the Platinum plan goes for $3999 per year. The Power Trading Programs costs $1999 per month. You are required to pay via credit card which will be subjected to auto-renewal until you cancel your subscription.

Note: Since this program is no longer being offered, you can check out Our Top Recommendation Here.

Petra Picks Refund and Cancellation Policy

Petra Picks has one of the strictest cancellation and refund policies in the industry. The company asserts that you gain access to their newsletters and statistics as soon as you register and pay the subscription fee; therefore, you are not eligible for refunds, whether partial or full. In order for them to discontinue your subscription, you must provide a two-day notice prior to your next auto-renewal.

Petra Picks Customer Support

Petra Picks provides a telephone number and an online contact form for contacting Petra and her staff. The lack of a live chat feature for immediate communication is, in our opinion, a drawback.


  • Their coaching is simplified to help you grasp the concepts and acquire skills faster
  • More than eight years of experience means that Petra Hess is a guru in this field, and you will likely change your life forever by joining her program
  • Positive customer testimonials and reviews


  • Poor customer support due to the lack of a live chat feature for instant communication with customers
  • Extremely expensive program
  • No refunds
  • No free trial
  • You must give them a 2-day notice in advance in order to terminate your account and cancel your subscription

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Petra Picks Review- Summary

We appreciate you reading our detailed Petra Picks review. This is a coaching program for investors wishing to replicate Petra’s success in stock trading, as we have just seen. It is neither a software that trades automatically on your behalf nor a trading platform. The program’s sole purpose is to teach you the knowledge and technical skills necessary to dominate the stock market. The lack of a trial period is a disadvantage of Petra Picks. In addition, they have strict refund and cancellation policies.

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