Alhambra Coin Center Reviews & Ratings

If you are considering investing in rare coins or bullion, you may have heard about Alhambra Coin Center. Is this company reputable? Should you buy from them or opt for other dealers? In this Alhambra Coin Center review, learn about their products, fees, complaints, ratings and all you need to know about them.

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What Is Alhambra Coin Center?

Alhambra Coin Center Reviews

Alhambra Coin Center is a popular numismatic dealer located in Alhambra, California. Founded in 1975, ACC boast an extensive collection of rare coins, bullion, jewelry and antiques. Its founder, Malcolm Varner, has been a professional numismatist since 1968. He also became a member of the Professional Numismatics Guild (PNG) and served at the Industry Council of Tangible Assets (ICTA) for more than 20 years.

Owing to Malcom’s expertise and excellent management skills while at the helm, the company expanded immensely and is currently worth over a billion dollars.

Alhambra Coin Center Review Summary


Alhambra, California


254 E Main St, Alhambra, CA 91801, United States

Year Founded:



Marion J Varner Jr (President)



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Products & Services of Alhambra Coin Center

Alhambra Coin Center Products

Alhambra Coin Center has been offering a wide range of numismatic services and products for nearly 50 years. Their products are aimed at satisfying the needs of both newbie and veteran collectors. ACC’s inventory comprise world coins, U.S coins, paper currency, precious metals, jewelry, antiques and more.

Other than offering the above mentioned products, Alhambra Coin Center also offers services such as consulting, grading and free appraisal.

How to Buy from Alhambra Coin Center

Outlined below is the step by step process of purchasing rare coins and other products from Alhambra Coin Center.

  1. Visit their website

Alhambra Coin Center offers a wide range of products online. By browsing through their vast catalog, you will likely find whatever you are looking for.

  1. Select Your Preferred Products

Locate the products you are interested in and click on each item to select. Be sure to check important details such as the price.

  1. Contact Alhambra Coin Center

Once you’re done selecting your items, call or email Alhambra Coin Center to place your order. Upon receiving your payment, the company will ship the products to your address. Accepted payment options include credit card, PayPal and personal check.

How to Sell to Alhambra Coin Center

Alhambra Coin Center is always eager to buy your precious metals or jewelry. The following process applies when selling to Alhambra Coin Center.

  1. Visit their website and click the “Sell to Us” Menu

On clicking the menu, a “Buy Form” will open. This form will allow you to attach and submit whatever you are selling to Alhambra Coin Center.

  1. Wait for an expert to contact you

After appraisal, an expert from the company will contact you to make an offer.

  1. Wait for payment

A payment will be sent to you once you agree on the terms.

Pros of Alhambra Coin Center

  • They have been in business for nearly half a century, hence a trusted source of rare coins, numismatics, jewelry, bullion and antiques.
  • The company’s owners boast unmatched expertise in the precious metals industry.
  • They’ve got excellent ratings and reviews on some online platforms.
  • You can sell your own assets to the company

Cons of Alhambra Coin Center

  • Not accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Precious metals IRAs not offered

Alhambra Coin Center Reviews & Ratings

The BBB gives Alhambra Coin Center an A+ rating based on 0 reviews and 0 complaints. Yelp awards ACC a 4 out of 5 stars rating based on 63 customer reviews and complaints. The Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) gives Alhambra Coin Center an AAA rating despite having 0 customer reviews on the platform. Alhambra Coin Center lacks reviews, ratings or complaints on both Trustlink and Trustpilot.

Does Alhambra Coin Center Sell Genuine Rare Coins?

Yes, Alhambra Coin Center is a legit coin dealer known for offering genuine, high quality rare coins. They boast a great selection of coins and have experts on standby to help you choose the best.

Is Alhambra Coin Center Legit?

Alhambra Coin Center is a legit numismatic dealer. It’s definitely not a scam. They’ve been around for nearly 50 years and have been offering great products and services.

Alhambra Coin Center Alternatives

Alhambra Coin Center Reviews- Summary

Alhambra Coin Center is a coin and jewelry dealer based in Alhambra, California. The company has been offering world coins, U.S Coins, bullion, antiques and jewelry since 1975. With an expert management team and great products, Alhambra Coin Center has been able to expand tremendously and is currently worth more than a billion dollars. Their only issue is the lack of a BBB accreditation and reviews.

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