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In the world of precious metals, coins, and bullion, the name Edelman’s has resonated since 1926. Established by Louis Edelman, Edelman’s Coins has evolved into a prominent coin and bullion dealer based in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. With a nearly century-long history, the firm has positioned itself as a trusted destination in the Tri-State area for buying and selling precious metals, coins, paper money, and jewelry. Licensed and bonded by the Banking Department of Pennsylvania, Edelman’s is a proud member of reputable organizations such as the ANA, PCGS, NGC, CAC, PMG, & ICTA.

What Is Edelman’s Coins?

Edelman's Coins Reviews

Edelman’s Coins is a coin and bullion dealer with a rich history dating back to 1926. Founded by Louis Edelman, the firm has become a premier destination for individuals in the Tri-State area looking to engage in transactions involving precious metals, coins, paper money, and jewelry. One distinguishing feature is their licensing and bonding by the Banking Department of Pennsylvania, providing clients with an added layer of assurance. As a member of esteemed organizations like the ANA, PCGS, NGC, CAC, PMG, & ICTA, Edelman’s upholds a commitment to industry standards.

However, despite the extensive history and affiliations, there are notable drawbacks that potential clients should be aware of. The lack of accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the scarcity of reviews on platforms like Yelp raise questions about the transparency and public perception of Edelman’s Coins.

Edelman’s Coins Products

Edelman's Coins Products

Edelman’s Coins deals in a diverse array of products, catering to the interests of both seasoned collectors and individuals seeking investment opportunities. The product range includes gold and silver bullion, scrap gold, US and worldwide collectible coins, as well as various forms of jewelry, including engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets, and Estate Jewelry. Moreover, the firm extends its services to providing loans on stamps, coins, paper money, and bullion, adding a financial dimension to its offerings. The inclusion of appraisals and coin grading further underscores the comprehensive suite of services provided by Edelman’s.

How It Works

One distinctive aspect of Edelman’s Coins is its unconventional approach to transactions. Unlike many modern dealers with online platforms, Edelman’s operates primarily through direct communication. To buy or sell products, individuals must either call the company or visit their physical store located at 301 York Rd, Jenkintown, PA 19046, United States. This traditional, one-on-one transaction model may appeal to those who prefer a personalized and hands-on experience.

Pros of Edelman’s Coins

  • Nearly a Century in Business

The longevity of Edelman’s Coins, having been in operation for nearly a century, is a testament to its stability and resilience in a dynamic market.

  • Membership in Reputable Organizations

Being a member of the ANA, PCGS, NGC, CAC, PMG, & ICTA reflects Edelman’s commitment to industry standards and best practices.

  • Friendly Customer Service

Reviews consistently praise the friendly and informative customer service staff at Edelman’s, highlighting their willingness to guide clients through every step of the selling and buying process.

  • Diverse Range of Products and Services

Edelman’s offers a comprehensive selection of products, including precious metals, coins, jewelry, and services like appraisals and coin grading, catering to a wide range of client needs.

  • Loan Services

The option to secure loans against stamps, coins, paper money, and bullion provides additional flexibility for clients seeking financial solutions.

Cons of Edelman’s Coins

  • Not Accredited by the BBB

The absence of accreditation from the Better Business Bureau raises concerns about the company’s commitment to transparency and adherence to ethical business practices.

  • Scanty Reviews

Despite a history spanning a century, Edelman’s Coins has surprisingly few reviews on platforms like Yelp, leaving potential clients with limited feedback to inform their decisions.

  • Lack of an Online Shop

In an era dominated by online transactions, Edelman’s Coins stands out for not having an online shop or catalog, potentially limiting accessibility for a broader audience.

Is Edelman’s Coins Legit?

Determining the legitimacy of Edelman’s Coins requires considering various factors. The firm’s nearly century-long presence, membership in reputable organizations, and licensing by the Banking Department of Pennsylvania contribute to its credibility. However, the lack of BBB accreditation and the scarcity of reviews raise valid questions about transparency and public perception.

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Edelman’s Coins Reviews- Conclusion

Edelman’s Coins, with its deep roots in the industry and diverse array of products and services, presents an intriguing option for those interested in precious metals, coins, and jewelry. The personalized transaction model, friendly customer service, and affiliations with industry organizations add to its appeal. However, the absence of BBB accreditation and limited online reviews underscore the need for potential clients to approach transactions with a discerning eye. While Edelman’s Coins has a long and storied history, modern consumers may find themselves wanting more concrete evidence of the company’s reliability and transparency in the digital age.

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