American Mint LLC Reviews, Complaints, and Customer Ratings

American Mint LLC, a coin dealer based in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, has been a prominent player in the market since its establishment in 1998. Owned by Michael Goede, the company has carved a niche for itself by offering a diverse range of collectible coins, knives, and other memorabilia. However, our investigation into American Mint LLC’s reputation paints a less-than-stellar picture. With a woeful 1-star rating on and the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and over 140 complaints on BBB alone, it’s evident that the shine on this mint might be tarnished.

What Is American Mint LLC?

American Mint LLC Reviews

American Mint LLC specializes in dealing with gold, silver, and platinum rare coins and collectibles. Their product range extends beyond coins to include US Currency, Commemoratives, Accessories, and more. The company has sustained its operations for over two decades, earning a degree of recognition in the industry.

Our review, however, uncovered a troubling trend. Numerous customer complaints on the BBB and various other websites reveal a recurrent issue: customers being enrolled in subscription plans without their explicit consent. This raises concerns about the company’s business practices and customer satisfaction.

American Mint LLC Products

American Mint LLC Products

The core focus of American Mint LLC lies in providing a wide array of precious metal coins and collectibles. From gold and silver to platinum, the company caters to the diverse preferences of collectors. Additionally, they offer US Currency, Commemoratives, and various accessories to complement their primary product line.

How It Works

For enthusiasts looking to make a purchase, American Mint LLC offers an online shopping platform. Prospective buyers can create an account, browse through the product offerings, place orders, and complete transactions using PayPal or credit cards. The convenience of online shopping is a positive aspect highlighted by users.

Pros of American Mint LLC

  • User-friendly Website

The online platform is praised for its user-friendly interface, allowing customers to navigate and make purchases with ease.

  • Over 2 Decades of Operation

With more than 20 years in the industry, American Mint LLC boasts a substantial history in the market.

  • Free Shipping for Orders Over $150

Offering free shipping for orders exceeding $150 is a commendable feature, potentially enticing larger purchases.

  • 90-Day Return Policy

American Mint LLC provides a 90-day return policy, offering a reasonable window for customers to assess their purchases.

Cons of American Mint LLC

  • Multiple Complaints Across Various Platforms

The most glaring issue is the multitude of complaints across various online platforms, indicating a recurring problem in customer satisfaction.

  • Not BBB Accredited

The Better Business Bureau, a trusted resource for evaluating businesses, does not accredit American Mint LLC.

  • Poorly Rated on Prominent Review Websites

A dismal 1-star rating on prominent review sites like and BBB raises significant concerns about the company’s overall performance.

  • Accusations of Misleading Sales Tactics

Several complaints accuse American Mint LLC of employing misleading sales tactics, particularly in enrolling customers in subscription plans without explicit consent.

Class Action Lawsuit Against American Mint LLC

In 2005, the state of Pennsylvania took legal action against American Mint LLC. The company was ordered to refund customers over $25,000 in fines. The allegations included billing and attempting to collect payments for coins and commemorative items that either never arrived, were never ordered, or were returned and not credited. This historical legal action raises questions about the company’s business ethics and customer relations.

Is American Mint LLC Legit?

The abundance of customer complaints, legal actions in the past, and the poor ratings on reputable review platforms cannot be ignored. While American Mint LLC has operated for over two decades and does offer a range of products, the shadow cast by the negative aspects of their business practices raises skepticism about their legitimacy.

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American Mint LLC Reviews- Conclusion

American Mint LLC, despite its long-standing presence in the market and a diverse product range, faces a significant challenge in reputation. The numerous complaints, accusations of misleading sales tactics, and a history of legal action cannot be brushed aside. Prospective buyers should approach transactions with caution, considering the documented experiences of dissatisfied customers. The tarnished reputation poses a serious question about the legitimacy and ethical practices of American Mint LLC. As with any investment, potential customers are advised to conduct thorough research and consider alternative options before engaging with this coin dealer.

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